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Hey all!

Figured I'd update after my pair of crushing losses!

In the first match I played against an elite level junior, I lost 6-2, 6-1 after having 4 service games at 40-0 (in which I was broken!) It was a ton of fun and I really learned a lot on how to deal with heavy kick. Next time I play him I figure I'll have a better chance of taking a set off him! I really need to learn how to close better on my big chances. With my serve as big as it is, you'd think I would be holding a lot easier and more consistently. Lots of long rallies and good games which result in my loss in just under an hour and twenty minutes.

My consolation match was today and I got absolutely rolled by the 5th seed. He is one the best players I've ever played. I lost 6-2, 6-2 / 4-0 4-0 (scoring is to only 4 games in consolation due to time restrictions) and he just absolutely dominated me. He is a past multiple Open and 5.0 winner which doesn't make me feel too badly. Just amazing game and he was the worst match up possible for me. Huge serving at which he can hit 115MPH on a regular basis, and he softballed the heck out of me from the baseline. His soft slices were staying ankle height most of the time and I was forced to hit ridiculous buggy whip shots to even stay in the point due to my height. Amazingly good player, and amazingly difficult to play.

I still have so much to work on, but I feel as though this tournament really helped my game develop and expose some of the huge weaknesses I still have. Next tournament I hope to be playing a 4.0 and make it deep in the draw. Training has to start getting harder as this was an abysmal start to the new year season!

I hope to get some box league matches in soon!

Thanks for following! Will update soon.

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