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Originally Posted by polytheist View Post
I would love to hear feedback on a gut/polymaster setup. Polymaster is expensive, but i'm intrigued by the weave angle argument.
Originally Posted by corners View Post
Yeah, gut/polymaster II is first on my list of strings to try when the weather warms.
Originally Posted by The Big Kahuna View Post
PLEASE let me know how the Yonex plays. I have purchased some, however, the hybrid set-up I have usually lasts 30-40 hours and I have a ways to go before I restring. (edited) ... Maybe the Yonex can be a SOFTER version of the MSV.
I have just placed an order for four string test demos. I will be testing all 4 together, at the same time. All will be going into 4 identical racquets with the same gut mains at equal tensions. I will keep my Gut/Polyfibre Hitec 18 in a 5th racquet, as that's the one to beat for comfort and playability (at least in my book) TW only had Gosen PolyMaster I, which is just a slightly larger diameter of PolyMaster II. I didn't want to pay shipping associated with obtaining the II from another source.

Will update asap.

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