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Originally Posted by Amelie Mauresmo View Post
So now, Patrick Rafer is upset at Tomic because he won't be available for the next Davis Cup tie. Isn't it interesting how the Australian media and Rafter operate, now that Tomic is on a hot streak, winning his first ATP Tour title in Sydney, and beating Djokovic in an exhibition he's suddenly the pride of Australia again.

Didn't Rafter just diss Tomic, glad the young man is starting to stand up for himself. I don't know why he would even bother considering playing Davis Cup for Australia at all?

I hope Tomic and his family can see through the bigoted Australian media xenophobic BS. So suddenly because Tomic is successful again he's the pride of the country since he's the only legit player of the future they got. But a few weeks ago, Tomic was considered worse than scum. Funny, how having better results makes someone a hero once again.

I know Tomic is young, but this kid has serious talent, I hope he is smart enough to see the hypocrisy of the Australian press, Rafter and others ect. towards him/ They do not have this young man's best interest at heart they only see him as a means to an end.
OP you need to get your facts right about Tomic. So much time and money has been invested into him, and yet he carries on like a dick. Tennis Australia has not just got interested in him now because he is on a "hot streak". Tennis Australia has been investing in him for a long time now. The Australian media is just sensationalising Tomic and Tennis Australia but alot of national media outlets do that. Heaven forbid if Tomic was British, the British media would have incarcerated him by now. Australia's last big hope Philipousis was an epic fail as far as tennis success is concerned, because of his lifestyle, lack of determination and then injuries. Had he had Sampras' dedication and drive, he could have been anything. But no, slamless, and last I heard, about to lose his house a couple of years ago because he could not afford the mortgage repayments. He lives the next suburb over from me. The way Tomic is going, he will also be an epic fail. He needs to pull his finger out and fast.
That is all.
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