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Originally Posted by OrLevy View Post
Surely he must have known that publicly humiliating Tomic could backfire if Tomic's form suddenly improves, which it did (and it was likely to improve - again, he's young - these things were going to happen).
Some would suggest that it didn't back-fire. It went to plan. If they had no hope that he might improve, there wouldn't be any point in bothering.

I agree with the general theory that it's better to say things behind the scenes rather than letting it spill into the media, but there's no way of knowing that wasn't attempted.

The consensus was that Tomic was talented, but needed a kick up the arse. It looks like he's had that kick up the arse. It's not clear how much that can be attributed to Rafter or anyone else, or if he just realised he wasn't progressing as he'd hoped, and had a period of self-reflection and worked it all out for himself. I'd speculate that it was a bit of both.

Originally Posted by chandler bing View Post
As I stated in the other thread, it's an Aussie thing.

I know in other countries, some sportsmen are considered to be godlike and untouchable. Not in Australia. Nobody is considered above criticism. It's the norm here for even very famous, talented people to be publicly and harshly criticized when they mess up. Bernie had it coming for ages.
It happens in the UK too. I can't think of any successful sports stars who haven't had their fair share of heckling, except perhaps the Olympics athletes who take part in sports where there isn't much money. But even they are starting to come under fire if they appear to showing any signs of enjoying their success or becoming too well known.

At this point in time, Tomic needs to focus on his own career, and build on his recent success. If he even thinks that what he's done of the last couple of weeks is a big "up yours" to the critics, he's in danger of reverting. He's still got a lot to prove, and I am confident that Rafter will be happier than most if he does live up to his potential.
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