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Originally Posted by sureshs View Post
Re: responding slower to a slower ball. When pros see a slow short ball, they seem to react very fast and attack, moving forward and trying to take away time for the opponent to prevent him from adjusting. If the ball is not short, they seem to seize the opportunity to immediately position themselves for an aggressive reply, sometimes readying a big swing. Club players react slowly to slow balls taking comfort in the extra time. Don't you think a slow ball should also elicit a fast and early response in order to dominate the game?
I think the discussion here is not so much about reacting fast and attacking, which is all good, but about the shot itself. Do you prepare (pull the racket back) in advance, or do you do it in the rythm of the ball. I totally accept that there are different views on this, and certainly differences among players, pros as well, as to how and how early they pull back (prepare). Great to be back on topic, btw.
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