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It depends on the university you're wanting to attend. The higher the university is ranked, the higher their standards will be.

Universities look at your national ranking, players you've played against and beat, your game and how well it fits into their team/what they are looking for. Pick 4-5 universities, make a 10min video of yourself playing, write up a resume about yourself of your past results, goals, what you want to study etc. If you are completely lost, there are paid services that help players get into US universities.

Div. 1 for the most part isn't that difficult as the level can be pretty wide. Some Div. 1 schools can be pretty dismal. NCAA Div. 2 schools are sometimes just as good and better than a lot of Div. 1 schools. The recruiting is a bit more relaxed there, as players who've accepted prize money in the past on the ITF circuit playing Futures are still eligible but only up to a certain % of money accepted. I don't know all the details and maybe the rules have changed since. Florida, Georgia, California, Texas will be your hot spots of good athletics programs.

Look at tennis recruiting videos on Youtube to get an idea of how to make one. It will be necessary otherwise you will not have a chance. What you can also do is try emailing a coach at a university and ask him a bunch of questions of what is required and so on, the playing standards, tell him your ranking and what sort of university you'd have a shot at. Don't email the coach at UCLA or Stanford, but a regular Div. 1 school will do. Don't make it a long email, as they are pretty busy. Don't expect an answer, so you could try emailing a few coaches and see who responds. They are usually very friendly, and considering you're from England they'll know you're trying to get info not easily available.
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