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Originally Posted by Torres View Post
4G is the stiffest poly I have ever played with.

Stiffer than Babolat Revenge, stiffer than Alu Rough etc.

Hard, hard, hard string on the arm and you feel accumulating wear on the arm over several weeks of hitting.

Borne out by subjective testing and the TW/RSI stiffness numbers, which are in the stratosphere.

Alu is ALOT nicer even though it doesn't last very long. Much prefer Alu's crispness as well over 4G's dull feel.
A very interesting string. I never felt that the string was playing that stiff. Very muted and with low power output. When playtesting it, I was getting outstanding control but no free power at all. I was playtesting it in a hybrid set-up with a soft syn gut cross at pretty much my normal tension. String played very dull and I was having very little impact on the other side of the net. I am sure a very hard swinging younger player would love this string, but I am not able to take advantage of what this string has to offer. I just hit a few balls with a frame that had the playtest strings installed. Tension is still holding up much better than any poly I have ever used. Just not a good match for my wallet or game.
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