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One blurb:

The Slazenger V98 AeroTour Tennis Racket is a new frame from this Great British Tennis brand. Packed with technology it has a 98sq. inch head and is 305g in weight un-strung, making it a perfectly balanced racket for good club players through to advanced.

The head of the Slazenger tennis racket is designed with an Aerodynamic Profile, allowing for a faster swing speed and better all round manoeuvrability, this then combines with the 18x 20 string pattern and 22mm beam to give exceptional control
The V98 has a unique Squoval (Square & Oval) frame cross section in the shaft, providing ultimate power and control, coupled with phenomenal amounts of spin. The Aero range all feature a 15% wider more elliptical head shape increasing the sweet spot of the racket and more evenly distributing string distribution to provide greater power.

The frame is constructed with 100% premium graphite, Slazengers premium 3K Carbon. This construction features a blend of undirectional and braided carbon, offering an optimal strength to weight ratio with excellent shock absorbtion properties. This improves stability and increases racket to ball feel.

The Slazenger V98 Tour Racket is used on the ATP Tour by Top British tennis players Jamie Murray & Ross Hutchins.
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