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Originally Posted by Amelie Mauresmo View Post
Tomic got in a fight with a friend in a pool hardly serious. People act like Tomic was smoking dope and robbing banks or something. The Australian media are going overboard with this kid he's only twenty. I can see why Tomic isn't impressed with the Australian media they act like players don't have feelings.

Do people here remember when you were twenty years old? Also, all these Australian pros such a Stosur, Hewitt, Rafter, talking crap about Tomic in the press is uncalled for.

Tomic should be focusing on his tennis career it is an individual sport and let Hewitt play Davis Cup. This young man has massive potential yes he has some personal problems but who doesn't in life?

The way the Australian media are acting as though Tomic is on dope or doing something extreme when is not.
Yes, we just have to be so very thankful that Tomic was not smoking dope. Never in history has a teenager done that and then gone on to succeed in any way.
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