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Default Bumped up to 4.0 for the 3rd time...

When the ratings came out last November, I was bumped up from 3.5 to 4.0 for the 3rd time (all within a 7 year period). Both previous times, the computer moved me back to 3.5 (the first time after 3 seasons of limited play at 4.0, the second after just 1 season). I tend to have good success at 3.5 (particularly in seniors, where teams I was on made it to our Section championships twice).

But I have limited success playing against the more skilled and typically younger 4.0s. I guess I need to find a 3.75 league

This time, I collaborated with several other "barely 4.0s" to form our own team. We figure that way we can play as much as we want - unlike my previous experiences joining established 4.0 teams, and only getting limited play (deservedly, because I could not successfully contribute to a solid 4.0 team whose goal was to win the league).

I was wondering how many of you had this experience, and how you have dealt with your experience at the higher level of play.

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