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abmk, As you attack me in almost all your posts and as you use to belittle Rosewall's strength, I would like to tell you two of Muscles' super feats.

pc1 has mentioned Rosewall's great run 1960 to 1962 at Paris and London where he won both French Pro and Wembley (clay and wood) within of 7 or 8 days against strong competition, a run never realized by Laver, Federer and other players you rank ahead of Muscles. Even Borg's channel slam was not as impressive because Borg had two week to adapt his game while Rosewall had only one or two days...

Rosewall is the only player who has a positive balance against his strongest opponents at big events (I omit Connors because Rosewall was already 39 plus when they played each other). Laver and Gonzalez did have such a balance.

I hope I could give you some stuff for a change of your opinion...

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