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some fundamentals are similar, not the same...

look at lendl and edberg how they finish. racket tip is pointing to 11 oclock (if we draw a clock on the ground where player stands, and 12 o'clock being straight ahead)... modern guys and gals, 6 oclock.

that is significant supination.

the supination has to start early in the forward swing.. you can't extend arm to the target trying to hit thru the ball while do supination at the same time... the muscles don't work that way.

also, see how the modern guys can hit 1hbh at eye level, but lendl and edberg can't... they always back track and let the ball drop... because if you hit forward, the face opens up at later stage of the swing when the racket head is high enough to hit eye level balls.

but hitting across, the racket face always have the same angle, eye level balls are still not easy, but not as hopeless.

have an open mind... let people try it out, hit forward, or yank to the right, see which way is more stable, and more versatile.

also, by yanking to the right, the upper arm connects to the core longer....if you let arm extends out too early, and ball takes a funny bounce or catch a gust, you are dead in the water... but if you stay connected longer, timing becomes easier with the core support.

these are all very practical issues

opening up on the 1hbh and opening up on the fh does not appear to have the same 'openness', simply because how the body is made... yank to the right, at impact the body looks much more closed than a yank to the left fh...

opening up means more open than edberg, does not mean chest to the target at impact.

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