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Originally Posted by maverick66 View Post
I will agree with him. Your saying just power is generated by these guys shows a lack of knowledge about what peds do.
Why don’t you share with us then what exactly PEDs do to the players and why the MLB cracked down on PEDs and just announced new testing measures? Is it true that roughly half of the players caught are pitchers?
You can also explain what you meant when you said in earlier post doping is “league wide” in the MLB. By that you mean …50%...70%....or 90%, and how do you come up with that number.
Can you also shed some lights on the legal battle between the MLB and the baseball players/ their lawyers/PR/union on the issues of PEDs, testing, and punishment?
Me, I just thought that players take PEDs for placebo effect and the only side effect is shrinking penises.
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