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Originally Posted by El Zed View Post
So, have to admit - becoming a bit intrigued with the PSLtd. (not sure if the GT or the Std is better suited for me), but that leads me to another question, almost a corollary of my original question - in that, while understanding there is no "perfect stick," how much is one ultimately willing to spend on a stick that very well could be the (subjective) holy grail?

Not sure if anyone else agrees, but for me there is this increasing perspective that - at the end of the day - these are still, "just" tennis racquets and are only worth so much in the grand scheme of things. So, for those who view a no longer produced stick as their grail (which I venture to guess is a fair number of posters here, if not the majority) what are you ultimately willing to spend on a pristine if not NOS stick? Do you reach a point where it's simply not worth it - regardless of how rare it is or special to you? Obviously the answer is yes, but the psychology behind is interesting.

To be honest, my recent experience(s) with the PT57A have done just that. While great sticks, there's too many headaches associated with them and they are just flat out pricey for what they are. Increasingly, I'm finding myself reluctant to spend over $200 for a racquet regardless of it's fame or reputation - especially with the PT280s out there for about half (admittedly, likely slight more) that.

To that end, from a collector's perspective - how much are even the most sought after "retail" sticks going to increase to? Conceptually speaking, do we really believe the day will come where the St.V is consistently going for $1500 or the Prestige Pro 600 for $1000? Or is there inherently a ceiling on these products?

Genuinely interested in any (constructive) thoughts you guys have to offer.
If you have any questions at all regarding the LTD, let me know! I've used them for awhile.

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