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Originally Posted by Anyone4tennis? View Post
I think this is a fantastic idea provided that the NCAA changes its rules to allow young athletes to compete for pay without losing amateur status and eligibility for intercollegiate competition.
What is it? College players can take up to $10K per yr. in prize money?

Originally Posted by coaching32yrs View Post
Andfor: This idea has been floated on the Board before and it is exactly right. The USTA should take 3 million away from HP and fund a series of 25 tournaments for young Americans (with a few spots for non Americans) with $100,000 of prize money each.
Acknowledged. All I'm saying is if the governing bodies don't step in and take proactive measures to support Futures and Challengers it's going to hurt the sport long-term. Look at all the Challegers that have gone away this year. For the ATP/WTA/ITF to expect Challengers to fund themselves and run at a profit with ticket sales is a joke. Most of these Futures and Challengers have to find a sponsor who loves tennis and has extra money to fund a tennis tournament. The value back to the sponsor in exposure is low. Sponsors usually move on from their support after a few years.
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