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Originally Posted by coachrick View Post
No PWS and 19 mains in the Dunlop, I reckon. But you're right, looks like practically the same silhouette. Back then, Dunlop had some interesting skinny models; but the 'rage' was all wide and mid-bodies. We saw a few of the 'players' rackets from Dunlop, but the wider Revelations were selling like hotcakes.
yes, different string patterns.. and I would say Revs beat PSC 16x18 in terms of controllable power.
Just played both sticks. Started with PSC 7.0 (as on pics above). Too soft for me. No power at all. Not as stable as my Revelations. The only huge advantage - extremely maneuverable... but I can not sacrifice stability for anything else..
So I played with Classic till 3:4 in the first set then switched to my beloved Dunlop and did not change it untill the end of the game.. I won 7:6, 6:4.
Nothing beat Dunlop Revelation Tour Pro for me nowadays
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