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Default Need new racquet

Hi people.

I'm playing tennig since 5 years old. Now, I'm 36 years old. I play 2 - 3 times per week. I guess I am an intermediate player.

I was playing with Prince Diablo Tour MP. One of them was crashed and I need to new racquet. Stead of to get only new one, I want to try new models.

My brother had a Pure Drive Team as a backup and I'm using it. I never played well with racquets with beam higher than 22. I used BB 11 Mid and Head Liq Radical Tour.

But, I'm enjoying to play with PD Team. It's very easy to send the ball back. Servers are so easy and put effects as well. But it is very stiff. I had problems with elbow in the past and I am very afraid to get it again. I am having a problem in my shoulder but I dont believe the PD Team is the cause. By the way...I want to try more models.

I was seeing the forum and found good words to Volkl Organix 10 (295) and Organix 8. I like the Volkl because the quality of them is so high.

I saw the topics related to PD Rodick 2012. I believe the mass higher than regular PD could be more confortable to the arm. But, There is Volkl X8 315g and I believe this is very similar to PDR but more confortable.

I dont now if I will go with Volkl X8 315g or X10 and customize it.

Thank your helping
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