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Originally Posted by abmk View Post

I rewatched this match ...I take back my statement that federer returned better in the final .. I think he was just as good in the semis as he was in the finals as far as returning goes ... However still think murray did return quite a bit better than djoker ...( even though it was against a weaker federer serve )

at the tail end of the match, a stat was shown, 57% returns in for djoker and 68% in for federer

I did the UE stats for this as well, has UEs by set :

federer : 2,3,4,1 - total of 10
djokovic : 5,3,9,5 - total of 22

I have significantly different :

federer : 4,4,9,1 - total of 18
djokovic : 6,3,11,7 - total of 27

which brings their AMs to :

federer : 31.95%
djokovic : 26.4%

funnily enough, I have 4 UEs on the return for fed,7 for djoker has 5 for fed and 8 for djoker

so I don't know how lenient the statistician was on strokes apart from the return

My initial impression was justified, there were more unforced errors than what is on the site and difference is non-trivial ..

If by any chance, you are planning to watch this, can you please keep track of the UEs and see how many you end up with ?
I re-watched this match a couple days ago and had the same reaction I had the first time I watched and saw the very low UE count flash on screen: What!?

BTW, I didn't score it because I don't know how. Can anyone suggest an authoritative guide to differentiating UE, winners and forced errors?
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