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Originally Posted by mikeler View Post
The going rate here is $15/hour. I invested $800 total in a machine 5 years ago. I probably average a stringing per week. So far that has saved me about $15 x 5 years x 52 weeks = $3,900, so I've saved over $3,000!

I got a Klippermate for $125 shipped but needed the clamps etc so the total ended up being under $200. Which is still a lot cheaper than getting a Klipper new shipped.

I figure I'll do a few stringings a year for myself only and recoup in a couple of years.

I was just frustrated at my local guy stringing at 15-20 lbs higher than I wanted (I wanted 30 and 35 lbs on my POG mid and Boron OS, but for 60 and 50 respectively) and getting charged $40 a racquet for RPM Team
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