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Originally Posted by Povl Carstensen View Post
I think the discussion here is not so much about reacting fast and attacking, which is all good, but about the shot itself. Do you prepare (pull the racket back) in advance, or do you do it in the rythm of the ball. I totally accept that there are different views on this, and certainly differences among players, pros as well, as to how and how early they pull back (prepare). Great to be back on topic, btw.
Yes. I saw Oscar's response too. It seems to be a teaching aid to not rush the shot early by showing how the shot can be hit with a wait period also.

Re: your comment, on a ball which is much slower than a regular ball, some pros will have their racket fully back much before they are close to attack the ball, while others might come closer to the ball and then do a quicker deceptive back and forth swing. In either case, the slow ball was also reacted to as fast as a fast ball. Another example is Federer might hardly get a chance to budge on a first serve, but as soon as he sees a weak second serve heading over the net, he starts moving around his backhand at once, preparing to crush the ball with his forehand as early as possible.
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