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Originally Posted by pvaudio View Post
As said, from a physics perspective, the 1H actually has a lot more power potential. In reality, no one is biomechanical, and the difference in ease is going to crop up with the 1H. It's like slapping a huge turbocharger on a small engine. You have no torque to get the engine up to speed in order to spool the turbo and access its power advantage. The 2HBH in this scenario would be a centrifugal supercharger. Although your more cramped body position robs you of some potential power, the fact that it's more or less always available and only gets easier to generate with easier incoming shots makes it a better choice for many.
I like this analogy. ^^^

Also I like to add that even physics suggested that 1 hbh has a lot more power potential but it is a bit tougher for our body to stop the end of the range of motion (1hbh) and keep it from loosing balance. There are many reasons for this...tight hip flexors, weak glutes, tight pecs, muscular imbalance etc and of course improper technique. Just my 2 cents.

It's like you are driving a Ferrari with a weak breaking system so you can't and wouldn't want to go very fast.
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