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Originally Posted by JAY1 View Post
So you think the new GT is slightly more comfortable in the sense that you squeeze a slightly higher tension out of it
Exactly, you can afford to go up a little, unless you want to add power and more pocketing, sparing the (theoretical) increase in control.

I am 4-5-5.0; more into racquet customization and transitioning to coaching the last years. I currently play with other frames and typically go full co-poly. The PST ltd and the Dunlop Bio 200 have been the only sticks I would do hybrids (both very low-powered).

I remember trying thin gauges of co-poly with synthetic gut crosses. Adrenaline 1.20 with 1.25 Tecnifibre Synthetic gut. It was not bad at all, very balanced, unless you played with extreme spin.

I use a semi-western grip myself.
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