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Originally Posted by v-verb View Post

I got a Klippermate for $125 shipped but needed the clamps etc so the total ended up being under $200. Which is still a lot cheaper than getting a Klipper new shipped.

I figure I'll do a few stringings a year for myself only and recoup in a couple of years.

I was just frustrated at my local guy stringing at 15-20 lbs higher than I wanted (I wanted 30 and 35 lbs on my POG mid and Boron OS, but for 60 and 50 respectively) and getting charged $40 a racquet for RPM Team
Barring stringer error, clamp slippage/drawback etc. you'll know that your dropweight is pulling the tension you ask for. Enjoy!!

BTW, haven't heard anyone else mention problems with stringing RIP Control. Sounds like stringer error based on all of the above.
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