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tennis is not the nfl.

how do you think federer would fare against the current top 10 american tennis players in those exercises/stats that you mention? i'm pretty sure more than half will beat him stats wise, but on a tennis court none of them stand a chance.
Half? I think 99% beat him. And on a tenniscourt, they wont win a point most likely.

Originally Posted by always_crosscourt View Post
It's the opposite - why do you think the NFL recruits based almost exclusively on stats such as 40 yard dash, max squat, max deadlift, 225 bench press test and vertical jump height?

It's because they know that these qualities are the most important aspects of any sport. Select athletes that are good at these, and the rest will follow. Skills, tactics and vision are secondary and can always be developed later.
With a game like American foot(?)ball which asks for little special qualities other than being a great athlete, it's very different. What do you think is more special about Federer and Nadal?

1) the way they can hit a forehand?
2) their 40 yard dash, squat, deadlift, benchpress or vertical jump?

My whole point is that tennis, just like actual football is way more about skill than about athleticism. Skill you don't learn at age 20, you just don't.

There's a lot that can be improved in terms of fitness and strength, but some things you'll never learn after your 8th birthday. It's almost like selecting the next Mozart solely on fingerlength and flexibility or something.

It can very well be that they do it that way in AF, I don't know much about AF, but I think in tennis things are very different.

That is rubbish. Skills, tactics, and vision can certainly not be developed later. Any rational person knows that the male specimens from your fantasies (4 second 40 yard dash, 500 lbs bench press, 60 inch vertical jump) would never be able to hit a tennis ball as crisply and perfectly as Nalbandian no matter how much training they receive. Fortunately, most tennis coaches are not idiots, so they don't go around looking for grown men with huge biceps to develop into future tennis talents.

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