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Originally Posted by always_crosscourt View Post
That is only the fault of the pathetic pool of talent that tennis has to draw from where all the best go to the NFL and NBA, and tennis gets the leftovers who couldn't have made it in any other sport.

John McEnroe would never have been allowed to dominate in the manner he did if tennis took the best athletes, because then it wouldn't be long before a player came along who had volleys just as deft as his, but with the athleticism of an NFL wide receiver to go with it - and McEnroe would have gotten thrashed.

It makes me sick how everyone thinks Nadal is such a great athlete, when, compared to athletes of pretty much any other sport, he would be flat out appalling in any of those basic indicators of athleticism (bench, dead, squat, vert jump, 40 yard dash) I listed.
Total BS. Tennis has a WORLDWIDE pool of talent , while NFL have to do with only Americans. I'm pretty sure that worldwide, a lot more kids are into tennis than into American football. You are right that the tennisplayers will be nowhere near as strong and maybe not even as fast (though I think Nadal is pretty quick and so is Djokovic) but that's because tennis requires other things. It's actually a skillsport.

If you are serious about this, you have no idea. A tennisplayer that starts playing at age 10 can already never ever become worldclass I think.

Btw, which of your "Basic indicators" actually takes flexibility, interval speed, endurance, balance, agility and quickness to change direction into account. All PHYSICAL attributes you need to be a great tennisplayer, but not within your basic indicators.
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