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Originally Posted by FedericRoma83 View Post
An european clay tour without any source on the whole internet, while a player was an amateur and the other a professional...

They were two of the biggest tournaments, that's a fact. And Hoad wasn't able to win them, nor he was able to win Forest Hills, Australian Pro in Sydney or Roland Garros. He lost the main Tour too. No way I can consider him the world no. 1 in 1958.
Anyway, I've just found an old discussion on Hoad where you argued with the whole forum, trying to twist every statistic, sometimes giving the impression to invent them, and so on. That's why I will not answer you anymore on Hoad.

It's not obvious, since their rivalry was affected by a little detail: Rosewall was in his twenties only two years, Laver was in his twenties six years. And still, he has a negative head-to-head in big matches.

Laver has more mythology, and mythology amplify real contents as we know (just think that someone rates Newk no. 1 in 1970 only for his Wimbledon victory, while he was clearly a no. 3 in that season).
I look at facts, undisputable facts: big matches 9-7 in Rosewall advantage, overall head-to-head in Laver advantage but very well balanced considering that Rosewall was four years older (and that he was 28 when he face Laver for the first time), they both were able to win all the important tournaments on one season (Laver did it twice, but his record of consecutive Major matches won is 29, while Rosewall's is 34. Let me guess, it doesn't count because he fronted weak fields, am I right?)

Since you can't demonstrate that McEnroe '84 would beat Rosewall '63, this is just science fiction.
Without a source? Bobby and I reconstructed the scores for the 1957 tour. Hoad won the European head to head against Rosewall 6 to 3, and won the South African tour. Look at McCauley for a start.

US Pro was NOT a major, not even an accreditied tournament title, And THAT'S a fact, documented on the USPTA website. Sorry.

The three genuine biggies in 1958 were Kooyong, Forest Hills, and Roland Garros, and Hoad beat Gonzales in all three tournaments.
There was a points system which counted all matches towards a bonus money pool. Hoad won in both 1958 and 1959.
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