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Originally Posted by JoelDali View Post
The funny thing is, is anyone can destroy apple and Samsung with a better product.

Imagine if this new BB London had full blown photoshop.

Imagine if it had a music player that wasn't a complete POS.

Imagine if it had a multi LED thin panel notification bar at the top that you could customize with colors and patterns for different communication events.

Imagjne if it had a keyboard that actually worked without errors. Every time.

Imagine if it had all my finance apps.

Imagine if it had a seamless backup solution that was reliable and more portable.

Imagine if it had a robust VPN platform for corporate computing.

Imagine if it could massage your lower back or stomach and tell you everyday that you are the GOAT and people LOVE you.

I would buy it in a second.
I loved my humble Blackberry Curve. It's app range sucked, it had a stupidly small screen and it was just a 2G phone with a physical keyboard, but typing anything on it was just so much clickety-clickety fun. I had it unlocked and used it on a recent trip from several Asian countries. Texting is big in India, and I got a lot of organizational stuff done just on the phone, just by texting the people involved and rarely even speaking with them. Still so much fun, and usable where my then-CDMA-only Verizon smartphone was as good as a brick.

Also, as far as call quality goes, that was the best phone I've ever used. Somewhere along the way, the smartphone manufacturers forgot that these were "phones". I really hope that RIM comes up with something good. It is an uphill battle and very difficult to compete with Apple and Android, but stranger things have happened.

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