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Default Need a few pointers

Here's the lowdown.

I decided to join after lurking because I saw how people give some good technical advice, and I could use some. I've watched for years and years, but only got into playing it very recently. Played mostly basketball for years, and found that I like individual success, if you will.

Just started playing about a year ago. Started out just hitting the ball over the net and getting used to the motion. Got a little better and I've graduated to playing like ranked players. I'd think I'm about a low 3.0, which is reasonable. About to get a tennis teacher, or join one of those group settings.

Till I do that, do any of you have a few pointers on executing a good forehand, backhand, etc...? I know I'll be getting teaching soon, but I'd like to get a head start.

Thank you in advance.
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