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Originally Posted by Matchball View Post
Exactly, you can afford to go up a little, unless you want to add power and more pocketing, sparing the (theoretical) increase in control.

I am 4-5-5.0; more into racquet customization and transitioning to coaching the last years. I currently play with other frames and typically go full co-poly. The PST ltd and the Dunlop Bio 200 have been the only sticks I would do hybrids (both very low-powered).

I remember trying thin gauges of co-poly with synthetic gut crosses. Adrenaline 1.20 with 1.25 Tecnifibre Synthetic gut. It was not bad at all, very balanced, unless you played with extreme spin.

I use a semi-western grip myself.
Cheers !
Ok that's helpful. My PS GT Ltd are coming tomorrow (I hope). I've been using the original PS Ltd this weekend and just love them, so can't wait for the new sticks. I feel like a teenager again. I used to play a 6.0 level but now would struggle to play a 5.0 level or less. I mainly coach now, but this racket has given me the excitement to hit some balls again. I've never ever lacked any power but have always searched for the optimum control in a racket. This is it, I think!
I'm going to string all three i get at 53lbs tomorrow. Or do you think I should vary the tensions in all three, ie; 53, 54, 55 lbs?
Only thing about this though is when you find the right tension you have cut the string's out of the other two...
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