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Originally Posted by McLovin View Post
So far the KLIP Legend Tour is playing like Pacific Classic. Crisp, but not as crisp as the regular Legend.

I haven't found Classic to require a break-in period, but that is just me. Also, I only use the 17g version, and maybe the 16L or 16 require it?

One thing I forgot to mention was gauge consistency. Both Armour Pro and Legend Tour seemed very consistent throughout. The Classic, on occasion, will vary in thickness, sometimes looking like a 16Lg or an 18g.
Thanks, I'm currently playing with Mamba Premium Natural Gut. IF it stays on the frame, then there's nothing wrong with the gut. However, it is prone to premature unraveling and early breakage.

I'm interested in moving away from the econo-gut and considering the sub-$30 range. The hit-or-miss quality of econo-gut can be frustrating, stringing it can be nerve wrecking.

You definitely get what you pay for with econo-gut. But like I said, in the case of Mamba, if it stays on the frame, it's a great alternative to those who want to try natural gut.
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