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I hit with the Graphene Speed MP for an hour today. Very good 11 ounce racket that does everything well. Lots of power on serve. Solid and stable on groundstrokes. Very nice on volleys as well. Plays with a firm flex, but feels comfortable, even with the Sonic Pro poly string in my demo.

This is a total redo from the previous Speeds. The shaft/throat of the racket resembles the Youtek IG Radical MP. The beam in the head of the racket has a trapezoid profile. Head shape is now oval like a Radical or Prestige.

In fact, if you like the previous generation of Speeds, I suggest you stock up on them.

Only bad thing I noticed about the Graphene Speed MP is that the grommet strip looks fragile around the shared holes, particularly where the strings are inserted from opposite directions.
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