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Believe it or not "parasailing", I have never tried the IG Radical MP (but I have tried the IG Radical Pro and the IG Radical S)

I would guess that the Graphene Speed MP offers a greater level of power and possibly more feel. I thought that the Innegra fiber in the 2 Radicals mentioned above worked too well and reduced the feel. The new Graphene Speeds and Instincts no longer use Innegra.

I know people have mentioned that they wished they had access to a 16 x 19 Radical MP like the pros can get ... this would be a good start I guess.

Next time, I will take both the IG Radical MP and the Graphene Speed MP out together for a demo. My local shop is pretty much out of demos now as they sold almost all of them after Christmas and are stringing up new ones for this year.
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