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The fact is that Rosewall and Laver had only sporadic victories in 1964-67 on clay, while Gimeno won clay titles with constance from 1964 to 1966 (I can't remember if in 1967 too). In the Open Era he clearly declined, except for the RG title.
Federico di Roma, I agree that Gimeno declined after 1967 but it might be interesting that he still was sometimes awesome: He reached the final of the AO in 1969, after a win against Rosewall, he won FO in 1972, he reached SFs there in 1968 and only lost in five sets to Rosewall, reached QFs there against Laver, reached SFs at Wimbledon 1970, lost a five setter to Smith at the US Open in 1972 and beat Smith in Davis Cup the same year. Imagine how strong Gimeno was in his prime...
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