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Originally Posted by Dags View Post
Hi Paul,

Would you be able to expand a little on the part in bold? I've seen a lot of stringers who advertise as 'UKRSA Certified'. I obviously understand what that means - they've taken a course and been given a certificate - but I'm not sure what you are describing when you say 'professionally recognised'. Professionally recognised by whom? LTA? ATP? ITF?

I believe that your assumption re: certified is correct. As far as professionally recognised I mean those within the industry which could range from people looking to employ experienced stringers with a solid stringing history & background, to tournament stringing teams to manufacturers. Obviously the most well known certifications are the Certified Stringer & Master Racquet Technician as administered by the USRSA, or affiliate association such as the ERSA & JRSA (European & Japanese). Only those can test stringers for the CS or MRT certifications.

If you want to move forward into stringing for tournaments then being an MRT is becoming a default requirement. As for those associations you've mentioned, the LTA 'may' in part because it's from the UK however as the LTA has a contract with Babolat to supply a stringing team for tournaments thru the UK, one requirement being that stringers are MRTs; as for the ITF & ATP, I doubt they are aware of the UKRSA certification.

Hope that helps


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