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Originally Posted by Ash_Smith View Post
Thanks Oscar - now we are getting into some interesting discussion! I totally agree with your viewpoint on helping the student discover the "correct" solution for themselves - "guided discovery" is how I teach too. However, I am a little confused by your principal of bypassing mental images? Do you mean you bypass mental images, as in you don't have a mental image of how you would like the student to look? Or do you mean that you don't use imagery to help inform your teaching? I would be surprised if it is the second as the vast majority of people are either primarily visual or kinaesthetic learners or a combination of the 2 (with audial way behind)?

Ash, two things, you can look at a static picture, or you could be looking at streams of pictures, like in a movie. If you are talking of recalling a movie, I do recall how Laver hit, Federer, Emerson, etc., in stream form, perceiving in aesthetic waves (you could call it light viewing), without looking at pictures themselves. Otherwise it is too interiorizing, meaning it traps too much attention and it takes the person out of present time.

Experience and memory is very useful, unless someone is paying too much attention to the pictures in the mind and is not looking out and in present time.

What is a human being greatest asset? Control of attention. Ability to focus where one wants. That is why I point to the distinction between stuck pictures and flowing motion of pictures. That is also why I promote waiting: to stay in present time, to observe every details and compute the composite, dynamically, as a whole.
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