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Default New Racquet short reviews: 99s, blade 18x20, Speed G Pro/MP

I'll start with my least favorite to my favorite. All racquets were strung w/ Gamma TNT at 55

4. Blade 18x20

I don't think this was a bad racquet it just wasn't for me. The biggest positive was the serve. I hit more aces with this racquet than I have in a while. Could put serves on the T or out side on a dime, it was incredible. The biggest negative was defensive shots from the baseline. I just wasn't getting enough net clearance when my opponent played balls deep and the racquet just didn't have enough oomph. I also did not like the super-muted feel. I think generally I like racquets with a little more power. I found the control and stability nice at the net but I just couldn't control points like normal from the baseline.

3. Speed Graphene MP

This racquet was simply not for me. I actually found it to be very low powered. It was a little too light for me and the weighting felt off. I liked it a ton at net, especially for an open 16x19 pattern but from the baseline I just wasn't liking the lack of mass and the more head-heavy balance. I also didn't find a lot of spin as I usually do with open pattern racquets and a lot of my balls were falling short in the court. Another racquet I liked for serving but similar to the Blade I couldn't control points at the baseline.

2. Steam 99S

This is quite a racquet. I loved pushing my opponent back to the edge of the court and then hitting a wicked angle on the approach shot. I also was hitting some bomb flat serves with this racquet. Defensive shots were awesome as the depth got me right back into points and on the offensive. It also turned my 1-handed backhand into a weapon as I was hitting crazy cross-court angles and a very heavy ball. Sometimes I got too aggressive with this racquet and would hit it long, which worried me. It is a definitely a unique racquet and it would definitely suit a counter-puncher top spin type as the racquet creates such a heavy ball. A very nice offering from wilson. As with the blade, not crazy about the amplifeel.

1. Head Speed G Pro

This racquet blew me away. The combination of control and spin is unmatched in any racquet I've ever used. Every short ball my opponent hit I could punish with driving topspin approach shots. Slices were absolutely wicked with this stick and threw my opponent off. It is also THE most stable racquet I've ever used. Facing circa 110 MPH serves I could swing at them and the racquet came right through. Control on the serve was a beautiful thing as well. A++++ and will be my new racquet hands down.
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