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Originally Posted by Polaris View Post
I loved my humble Blackberry Curve. It's app range sucked, it had a stupidly small screen and it was just a 2G phone with a physical keyboard, but typing anything on it was just so much clickety-clickety fun. I had it unlocked and used it on a recent trip from several Asian countries. Texting is big in India, and I got a lot of organizational stuff done just on the phone, just by texting the people involved and rarely even speaking with them. Still so much fun, and usable where my then-CDMA-only Verizon smartphone was as good as a brick.

Also, as far as call quality goes, that was the best phone I've ever used. Somewhere along the way, the smartphone manufacturers forgot that these were "phones". I really hope that RIM comes up with something good. It is an uphill battle and very difficult to compete with Apple and Android, but stranger things have happened.
I remember reading on a review from cnet that the Lumia 920 has outstanding call quality. So maybe check into that. The camera is supposed to be pretty good too. If you can bare using Windows OS it could be promising.
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