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Originally Posted by dizzlmcwizzl View Post
I had a remotely similar story ... I was playing round robin doubles at the club ... Sets to 4 and then you switch partners with another court.

Anywho, this odd little guy is going to be my partner. When he comes up to me and we have the following discussion:

Him: High my name is Bob, but everyone calls me ninja
Me: My name is Dizzl, and I will not be calling you ninja, Bob
HIm: Um, Ok but if you want me to poach just say "lets go ninja" and I will know you want me to be sneaky up there.
Me: I guess you will not be poaching then, Bob.
lol... that was funny... love the last line.

When I play with new partners, I don't even talk about signals... I just say that IF they are gonna poach- then do it. Go ahead and be aggressive if you want and go for it and when I see you cross the center line then know I am switching behind you. Just don't fake me out and cross the center, then run back to your original spot, cuz I'll probably be right behind you. Seems to work pretty well for simple matches with new partners.

For tourneys or league if I play dubs, as server I usually communicate with my partner when I am gonna serve wide on the deuce side with my first serve, since it can take the returner 1 or 2 steps outside the line and their best return is down the line behind my partner... so my partner needs to play wider than norm.

As an aside, I never call people I really don't know by their nickname... if I've known then a long time by a nickname or was part of the group that gave them the nickname... ok... otherwise, I ain't calling you "Budman", "Cheese", "Shark" or any other idiotic name you've probably given yourself. How does the line go... "Hi, my name is Mike, but my friends call me Bob. You can call me Mike."
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