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The grommets are in decent shape. The leather seems playable. No cracks. Seems like a solid frame. I don't know how many the face is but the bag and racquet seem to be of very high quality materials.

I want to re-string, re-grip and if I can somehow replace some grommets or the entire bumper (don't know how hard that would be to obtain) and take it out for a spin. But then I thought, maybe this puppy is worth something? Is it?

At any rate, it might be about time to start collecting some of these classic frames, in particular Head frames, I've long enjoyed variations of the PrestigeMid. I'm 33 y.o., so the majority are before my time (many before I was born).

If anybody has any facts/impressions about this frame, they would be appreciated. I'll keep on researching.
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