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Originally Posted by NLBwell View Post
Thanks for the revews. It seems that most all of the reviews of all the Head Speed models have been like your review of the Graphene Speed MP. Something just was off about it. So you feel like Head has finally put together a Speed racket that has it all together with the new Speed Pro?
I think so. I've tried many Head frames over the years since I departed Head (I used the FXP Prestige for over 4 years, the MG Prestige MP for about a year, Head Youtek Rad MP with lead, Head Youtek Prestige Pro, Head Youtek Prestige MP, etc.)

Originally Posted by rafafan20 View Post
It had a fairly soft multi in it. After playing because I liked it so much I stuck around on court and hit about 100 serves and I have no arm pain. I'd probably stick with a multi in the future. I generally don't get arm pain other than stiffest of racquets/polys.
Yeah unfortunately my frame was strung with a black polyester.. not sure which but I'm going to guess the new Head Sonic Pro. It felt a bit too stiff. I think this frame definitely can be trouble for arms if its strung full poly. Other than the slight discomfort I found everything to be great as well.

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