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Great video and instruction, clearly shows more hitting across than towards target. Wow I thought that it is wrong to pull back and hit off the back foot. Why are they not stepping in and transferring their weight forward?

Why does their racket not go towards the target? I thought that this must be done if hitting correctly, they must have been taught the wrong technique.[/QUOTE]

Hitting off the back foot is extremely common with open stance and neutral stance, not only in tennis but in other sports.

And it not towards or across. It is both. The racket moves towards the target for some frames before and after impact, and also follows the arc crossing over, as it must. Every portion of an arc can be approximated by a linear segment - the flatter that portion of the arc (the larger the radius of curvature), the more linear it is. Not only that, during the dwell time, the racket can carry the ball more than two ball diameters in the direction of the target before releasing it.
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