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Originally Posted by parasailing View Post
Have you hit with the old Head Youtek Speed Pro or a Pure Storm Tour GT and how does it compare? I didn't like the older Speed Pro but it seems like this new Speed Pro lowered the SW and static weight significantly and went with a 18x20 string pattern so this is totally a different racquet.
Originally Posted by rafafan20 View Post
Never hit with the old speed pro although one of my hitting partners currently plays with that and I'll ask him and let him try the demo Tues morning.

Only hit with a PSTGT briefly but a very different feel. More pingy/hollow feel to it vs. the more stable/lively feel of the speed pro. Speed pro lighter, much easier to swing through especially on the serve.
I can concur with his comments. Lighter, easier to swing. Has that whippier as well. This Speed Pro is the upgrade to the Speed MP 315 18/20. It's just called the Pro and has no relation to the previous iterations of the Speed Pro. The polarization of the weight definitely is felt and it is more stable and solid than the previous IG version. And to Para, I think I will be moving on from the PSTGT to this frame. I just want to try it out in a string set up that I'm familiar with.

Originally Posted by Vertiz View Post
Do you think if you leaded the MP from 11oz to about the specs of the Pro that it would be better? Been using 18x20s all my life but looking to get a 16x19 for power/spin. Or do you think that the 18x20 has just as much if not more spin/power than any 16x19 racket. I was also thinking about the aeroprodrive or pure drive 2013s. I play d1 tennis at a university & hit a onnie just like you. Thanks
I feel like the Pro still has some good spin potential even though its an 18/20. The power is definitely there with a thicker beam than the normal players frame. I've been an 18/20 user all my life but went to an 18/19 and most recently a 16/20.

Originally Posted by neil1b View Post
Most of the g racquets shipped from head with regular sonic pro. If it is black its probably sonic pro.......the sonic pro edge is anthracite.
Ah thanks for the clarification. Not a fan of the string at all. Not very comfortable. In a hybrid it could work for me.

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