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Originally Posted by Lakers4Life View Post
Before this starts getting personal. I've talked to some stringers with a Wise outside of the US where brownouts are a normal occurance. I would not call it as you say a "critical emergency" but a fact life.

Ice Cube once said, "Yo better check yo self, before yo wreck yo self!" Before calling people stupid, check your own statements before hitting the reply button.

As someone who gets out and about quite a bit, I can tell you that in second/third class municipalities, where brown outs are most likely to occur, (and I have played tennis in many places where there isn't 24 hour public electric service), every commercial stringer I have ever seen uses a manual machine. And, hotels/resorts with tennis facilities in these locales always have their own generators to power the entire property -- they still go crank.

Moreover, having a Wise overseas will be more than challenging when it inevitably breaks down and you need a replacement -- but that is an entirely different topic. Worrying about using the Wise when the power goes out is fringe lunacy no matter how you try to slice it. Whimsical stupidity.

Edit: I neglected to mention the Wise's biggest advantage over a purpose-built electronic machine is the ability revert to manual operation in short order. So, in the real world, why sweat it?

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