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Originally Posted by Yaz View Post
Ha...good description...I had a very similar experience with the 93. Groundies were exactly as you described. One of my hitting partners said it appeared like I was hitting really hard based on my swing and effort, but all the balls were falling short and didn't have much pace.

I agree about the drop shots though, I hit the best (and only) lunging forehand first volley angled drop shot of my life playing dubs with it - heard my opponent say "what the...?"
I know its kind of weird comparing the Wilson Blade 93 to the Babolat APD because there completely different racquets but it really shows. With the Babolat APD I can hit bone crushing ground strokes and serves; I mean I'm talking laser like forehands down the line for winners. However with the Wilson 93 I can hit drop shots that land inches over the net for winners and the ability to hit pin point accuracy on a dime with my ground strokes. It really all boils down to what you want in a racquet.

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