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Originally Posted by JohnYandell View Post

But you don't really seem to understand it. An arc you see is curved. So can the racket have an outward or a forward dimension while moving on a curve?
Excellent! you have put you finger on the problem of classic instruction above.

As to the term arc....Do you want credit for me starting to use it more? I'll gladly
give you that credit, because I have no problem sharing credit with those that
deserve a share. Although I'm quite sure I'd used the term well before I picked
up on your use of it, I did start to use it more here in hopes that using a term you
favored might help us to reach the common ground that you avoid so hostilely.
See how easy that is admit what others have contributed.
I feel that if we can acknowledge the best of what you have with the best of
other approaches like MTM and Dave Smith's work...with that we can help
more players who come here for instruction.
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