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Originally Posted by rafafan20 View Post
Did you play with the MP? I really didn't like it, I tried to be gentle in the review... curious to see the TW review
I have not. But I have held it in person and dry swung it. Found it incredibly light. I don't like to touch racquets that won't be stable and solid that 11.5+ ounce racquets tend to give me. I had a stretch of my junior career (a year) where I was playing racquets in that "tweener" classification.. K Blade 98, Tecnifibre 305, and Yonex 98 D, but realized I was playing with the wrong kinds of frames. I'm coming from the Pure Storm Tour GT which is on the other end of the spectrum. A heavy and solid frame but has no whip. I'm looking for something that can give me the whippiness of a lighter frame but the stability of a heavier frame.. I feel like the Pro gives me that.

Originally Posted by Vertiz View Post
Thx for the reply mrmo. Have you played w. thhe ig prestige MP ? How would you compare it to the speed pro?
I haven't ever played the IG iteration of the Prestige.. but I have extensive experience with the MP in its predecessors. I was a multi year user of the FXP.. used the MG for a year and playtested the Youtek. I found that the power level decreased as the models got newer and its something I couldn't deal with. So one thing I can definitely comment on is that the Pro definitely has an increase in power level. It might not have the same amount of control as the Prestige, but the Speed Pro definitely has a solid amount as well. The Prestige might be a bit more whippier since it has a low SW compared to the Speed Pro, but it won't feel as solid at contact. Hope I helped.

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