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Originally Posted by JackB1 View Post
thanks for all the info Jack. Not a problem about ruining the silver lettering...I have no desire to add any weight to the hoop. I wonder if there's anything we can do with a new racquet to protect that delicate lettering? How about some clear nail polish or some other way to seal it?
1. Yeah sure, no problemo, happy to help. I've tried clear nail polish. It's effective, but up close you can kinda see brush marks. I've purchased 3 dif kinds of spray on clear lacquer... matte, semi gloss, and hi gloss, hoping that might get a more pro look. I'll experiment with these but, it needs to be applied in a narrow temperature range, and given that I'm doing this in my garage I will have to wait till spring, way too cold in Chicago right now.

Originally Posted by JackB1 View Post
I'll try adding some lead to the butt of my Pro 1. Not sure I want to pay $30 for the weight kit? Wouldn't 10g of lead at the butt do the same?. Or I could tape 2 nickels inside the buttcap (they weigh 5 g's ea)
2. Adding nickels to the inside of the buttcap is a not a good idea. You will be adding length to your frame, and even minor changes in length result in huge increases in SW. I think that's the exact opposite of what you are trying to achieve. However, if you could figure out a way to add them to the outside of the cap at the very end, that would work.

3. If all you want to do is add a bit of tail weight you don't need the weight kit. The +10 butt cap is only required in my case because anything over 15-20 grams of lead right on the buttcap is just too flared. So I need the +10 to get to the +25 that I like. I've found (see pics) that 5-20 grams of 1/4 inch lead tape wrapped around the buttcap has the added bonus of providing a nice flared feel. (The racquet in the pics shows 15 grams) I've since figured out that three rows will create fewer wrinkles than a sprial, looks a bit cleaner, but once the grip is on there, that gets smoothed out either way.

4. Many of the pros pay P1 or RPNY for custom caps, and Gasquet's grip is one where you can see the flare quite prominently. Mine is no where near that extreme, but I've figured out why Gasquet likes the flare. It gives you more leverage right where the flare pushes into the heel of the palm. The BH side is where most people draw the line at max SW, not the FH side. That added leverage makes it a lot easier to control the racquet thru the backhand stroke. It's been a big help for me.

So with the lead tape option, you get the flare, much more flexibility with weight, plus it's much cheaper too. Feel free to ask if you have any follow up.

[..] Pics Below

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