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Originally Posted by parasailing View Post
Okay glad for the clarification on the Speed Pro, Mrmo. I never really like 18x20 string pattern as I had a Prestige Youtek MP and just didn't get enough oomph on the ball plus hate stringing up more crosses.

Does this Speed Pro produce the same heavy ball, spin, and power like the PSTGT but in a lighter package? I still can't imagine a 18x20 string pattern offering more spin and lively feel that a 16x19 string bed can produce.
I feel like although this is an 18/20 pattern it packs a bigger punch than many of the other 18/20 player frames out there I think due to the thicker beam and at a higher SW than the Prestige, etc. There are definitely some 18/20s out there that have pretty good power as well I'm sure. I just think spec wise this racquet is perfect for me since its not as heavy as a PSTGT ( <12 oz) but it still provides me that power (>320 SW <330 SW).

So yes, I think that the Speed Pro does provide a comparable ball in terms of spin and power as the PSTGT but it doesn't have that "log" feeling as much (being much more maneuverable). That being said, I think the PSTGT might be a bit more solid on off center shots and from behind the baseline.. but the SP isn't that far behind. Overall I think I found a racquet that fits my needs. A PSTGT in a lighter package is a good way to put it.
I don't feel like with the SP I have to set up for my shots as much as I do with the PSTGT allowing me to attack balls quickly and robbing my opponent time to get back into the point. I found that with my PSTGT I wouldn't attack the short ball quickly enough allowing my opponent to sometimes reset the point and battle back after I had control of most of the point. Finishing points in the midcourt and at the net were tough using the frame. Balls out of my strike zone were tough as well. Another realization I've made using this new Speed Pro is that while I've been using the PSTGT my forehand stroke has been more abbreviated probably due to the higher SW not allowing myself to take a full swing like I used to with my old frames. I feel like maybe I was compromising myself not being able to take that full cut at my forehand. All of that is solved with this frame.

Originally Posted by rafafan20 View Post
Inexplicably, with the same string, the Pro had more power and spin in my hands than the MP
I don't think its that inexplicable. The Pro is heavier and has a higher SW so the power level should be higher even if its a closed pattern compared to the MP.

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