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Originally Posted by JohnYandell View Post

Does this include all the great great instructors you and Wegner give so much credit to? Are they teaching modern tennis or are they just part of the classical
Well, for starters, Oscar has credited you on many occasions for your contributions
to obtain quality video and build your business. I'll let him post if he cares to on
the guys he has given credit, like Pancho and Dave Smith, but I've often credited
You, even in the face of
your harassing approach, along with Coach Gould, Dave Smith, and a host of
others. I'm sure I've erred at times, but most of my comments have been on the
actual teaching and not the coach in question, unless there was some context.
A great coach like Gilbert may be more on strategy and
and like Nick a Motivator. Even RL must have been a super trainer in drills.
There are Many aspects to this game and coaching for success.
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