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Originally Posted by etd View Post
Believe it or not "parasailing", I have never tried the IG Radical MP (but I have tried the IG Radical Pro and the IG Radical S)

I would guess that the Graphene Speed MP offers a greater level of power and possibly more feel. I thought that the Innegra fiber in the 2 Radicals mentioned above worked too well and reduced the feel. The new Graphene Speeds and Instincts no longer use Innegra.

I know people have mentioned that they wished they had access to a 16 x 19 Radical MP like the pros can get ... this would be a good start I guess.

Next time, I will take both the IG Radical MP and the Graphene Speed MP out together for a demo. My local shop is pretty much out of demos now as they sold almost all of them after Christmas and are stringing up new ones for this year.
Yes, we all wish Head would come out with a retail 16x19 version of the Radical MP instead of having us hunt down the more expensive Pro Stock TGK 260.2.

I have the IG Rad S and it's not in the same league given it's way lighter and probably more of a racquet for customization. For it's weight, it's one of the more solid ones out there which I find the Radical series.

Originally Posted by dr325i View Post
Who said it PLAYS like IG Radical MP???

Anyway, I was surprised to see how much thicker it is compared to the IG/YT versions...
I guess I was jumping the gun based on what post 238 mentioned and it appears maybe poster Vetinari mentioned it plays similar.

Originally Posted by vetinari View Post

I've tried the radical mp and I think the speed mp is similar. To me it feels like a crisper 16x19 radical mp. In fact this was my first impression of this racquet about a month ago when I got to hit with it.

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